Dr. Emily Taylor is an Oklahoma native that was born and raised in Lawton. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Oklahoma in Norman and continued her studies at the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, earning a Doctorate of Chiropractic along with a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. After her studies, during December of 2010, she decided to open her practice in Edmond because she feels it is the perfect community for family. This is important to her for two specific reasons. Firstly, because she is raising two sons of her own with her high school sweetheart and husband of seven years. Secondly, her primary focus as a physician is to aid in achieving health for all members of the family, young and old, birth and beyond with an even more specific focus on children and pregnant women.

Dr. Taylor’s experience with chiropractic goes beyond her studies. During the first year of college, she began to experience debilitating migraines several times a week. The intense pain caused her to spend a lot of time locked in her darkened dorm room, in complete silence. Her brother who happened to be in chiropractic school at the time, encouraged her to seek the skills of a chiropractor to help alleviate the migraines. She took her brother’s advice and has not had a migraine or even a cold since that first adjustment. It was then she became intrigued with the ways and methods of chiropractic care and after further investigation she knew this would be her life’s work.

When you choose Dr. Taylor as your chiropractor, you get a doctor who completely believes in her work and her methods’ power for healing. She will work with you to get you on the path back to optimal health. She understands that chiropractic care has benefits beyond alleviating pain and other symptoms commonly associated with back pain. Since she has gone through this experience herself, you know that Dr. Taylor will do her best to help you find the source of your pain and work with you to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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